Valya Boutenko: The Advanced Green Smoothie

Ok I tried this smoothie and looks like I turned into a beginner again LOL – but after one week of green smoothies, it’ll taste differently, I experienced it myself once at the Joy for Life Retreat 🙂

Never ever give this smoothie to a beginner! Instead, offer them this smoothie, or just follow these guidelines for a perfect smoothie.
Hold off judgement and wait for its great after taste and your body reaction – it will quietly say: More, please!
Dandelions are a great source of every mineral and every vitamin except for vitamin D and b12.



2 Tomatoes
1 bunch of Dandelions


Blend first the tomatoes then add the dandelions. That’s all! Enjoy.


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* * *



C = cup, 240 ml
1/2 C = half a cup, 120 ml or / TBSP
1/4 C = quarter of a cup, 60 ml or 4 TBSP
TBSP = table spoon, 15 ml or 3 tsp
tsp = tea spoon, 5 ml
“soft dates” = medjool are usually best. If necessary, soak briefly and drain. The soaking water is super sweet by the way!


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