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How to make CBD Suppositories “Tampons”

How to make CBD Suppositories / Tampons This recipe is a lifesaver for anyone who isn’t keen on taking chemical meds, and wants direct, on the spot relief as CBD suppositories will give you local muscular relaxation and inflammation relief within around 15-20 minutes. Suppositories are little 'bullets' which can be used internally - meaning,...

Recipe for dairy free Dark Chocolate Sorbet raw vegan fat free rohtopia

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Sorbet (raw vegan)

As opposed to ice cream, be it raw vegan ice cream or regular, a sorbet is usually made without (plantbased) milk or any fat. Instead the ingredients consist of fruit puree or fruit juice, water and some sort of sugar - perfect for anyone on a plant-based diet. Frozen chocolate delights however were a no-go for...

Why Detox at all - Juice Cleanse Green Orange Pink Smoothie Diet Week Body Reset - Raw vegan recipes - holistic wellbeing - Rohtopia

Why Detox at all?

It’s been a while since I have done a juice fast longer than just a few days, so I feel it is time for one once again. Some people would say, if it is so great, why do you have to do it again? Well, you could look at it a bit like one part...

Apple Avocado Cucumber Salad with Chives

Recipe: Apple – Avo – Cucumber Salad

An apple a day ... la di da ... we all have heard that saying before. Now since eating just apples by themselves is lovely yet, after a while, maybe a bit ... well, plain, and only apple slices with nut butter or Apple Crumble isn't a true solution for breakfast lunch and dinner neither...

Recipe: CBD Chocolate Brownies

Recipe for CBD Chocolate Brownies Alright first things first, these CBD chocolate brownies will not make you high. They are also not baked (yep, lame stoner pun intended). They are however very likely to make you want to have a second one. And a third. While they are like a 2.0 version of Space Cakes,...

Beauty - Natürliches Scrub Peeling für Gesicht und Körper

Beauty: Natural Body Scrub + Face Peeling

You can easily prepare this recipe for a natural scrub yourself and you likely already have the ingredients at home in your pantry. A scrub gently cleanses your skin, removes old flakes that make your skin look grey, it also supports blood circulation and moisturizes. Honey has an antibacterial effect and can help with impurities,...

Recipe Iced Coconut Coffee

Recipe: Vegan Iced Coconut Coffee

Recipe: Vegan Iced Coffee Never, ever have I been a coffee drinker .. coffee chocolate, coffee cake, coffee ice cream absolutely yes please! but regular coffee? No thanks. But then, I came across Iced Almond Mocha and totally fell in love. Keen to see what else is possible with Vegan Iced Coffee, I started mixing...

Recipe Orange Fruit Sorbet how to make raw vegan ice cream Rohtopia

Recipe: Orange Fruit Sorbet

Smooth, sweet and oh so refreshing. This orange sorbet recipe is sugar free and full of orange flavour. Made with real fruit only, it's a great, low fat alternative to regular ice cream. Expect it to be done in minutes, and devoured in seconds.   RECIPE FOR ORANGE FRUIT SORBET Ingredients: 2 oranges 2 bananas 1...

Recipe Raw Vegan Earl Grey Ice Cream

Recipe: Earl Grey Ice Cream

Earl Grey Tea has a unique flavour which comes from bergamot essential oil. This raw vegan ice cream tastes smooth and slightly citrusy, while giving you a nice little caffeine boost - much less than an espresso yet if you are sensitive, keep this in mind. There is no need for an ice cream maker...

Recipe: Pink + Blue Unicorn Smoothie

Recipe: Pink + Blue Unicorn Smoothie

It's easy to fall in love with this Rainbow Unicorn Smoothie - you would never guess it's actually green! Perfect for your kids or anyone who thought green smoothies are lame. The blue colour is best made with blue spirulina powder. The pink colour can be created with raspberries only - to make it pop,...

Recipe Mango Chia Breakfast Pudding

Recipe: Layered Mango Chia Pudding

Mango Chia Pudding is delicious, refreshing and satisfying, full of nutrients and flavour - perfect for breakfast or as a luscious, light dessert. It is layered with chia pudding, coconut milk and mango, creamy and fruity at once. Summer season aka MANGO season is coming up here in Australia, but if you cannot get your...

Recipe- Messy Oatmeal Bowl

Recipe: Messy Oatmeal Bowl

A  B E A U T I F U L  M E S S⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You are what you eat, right? .. so looking at my breakfast, what does that make me? Plenty of different flavours, colours and textures in there - but with a solid base 😊 Looking at your food, what are you? This...