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Beauty: Natural Body Scrub + Face Peeling

Beauty - Natürliches Scrub Peeling für Gesicht und Körper
You can easily prepare this recipe for a natural scrub yourself and you likely already have the ingredients at home in your pantry. A scrub gently cleanses your skin, removes old flakes that make your skin look grey, it also supports blood circulation and moisturizes. Honey has an antibacterial effect and can help with impurities, while coffee can have a skin-smoothing effect on cellulite. Bonus: if you follow the instructions step by step, you can save time and do both scrubs at once. Ingredients for the natural body exfoliator scrub: 1/2 cup oats 1/2 cup almonds 1/4 cup raw sugar or brown sugar 1/4 cup oil - jojoba, almond or coconut optional: essential oils - here is a recipe for a body scrub with mint...

Beauty: Moisturizing mask for all skin types

Whether your skin is dehydrated from being in a cold climate, or too much time in an air-conditioned environment (offices, buses, planes, etc), or your simply want to pamper yourself with a little DIY home spa mask, avocado is your go-to ingredient. Avocados are a fantastic yet so simple way to revitalizing, nourishing and hydrating your skin. By rehydrating your skin, you also plump any fine lines that may be forming - next to sun damage and smoking, dehydration is one of the major causes for prematurely aged skin. Plus, you skip all the chemical ingredients and synthetics that store-bought beauty products usually contain. This makes your treatment less irritating for your skin, and friendlier for both your wallet and the environment. And the best part: any leftover...

Beauty: 4 Refreshing DIY Summer Mist Spray Recipes

Depending on the ingredients, facial mists can be cooling, soothing, balancing, hydrating and even mood boosting. On summer days so hot you would like to just be in a cool pool of water all day, these refreshing mists are true life savers. In airconditioned environments such as flights, they will protect your skin and prevent lines while keeping your tan alive longer. The DIY Bonus: Unlike store bought products, these sprays are inexpensive, all natural, without any chemical add-ons.

All Natural Soothing, Bacteria Killing, Pimple Zapping, Exfoliating Miracle Mask

In the past, I used honey for my face if I got a pimple here or there. It was truly an exceptional solution and never failed me. Obviously since going vegan, I am not eating or using honey. And on top of that, my skin is worse than it has been in MANY years. (I’m pregnant, and thankfully other than my skin I am in TIP TOP health and still full of energy!) As a health educator, I simply can’t allow blotchy skin. I like to look my best, naturally, so that no one can possibly have any doubts about what I am sharing with them regarding health. But I have been unable to find anything on the market to help (externally). Of course I...

20 amazing uses for coconut oil!


Have you ever wondered what else this delicious coconut oil that’s been sitting in your kitchen for ages could be good for?
Well, aside being a great addition to your diet, and an excellent replacement for butter, aside the fact that coconut oil can help with all kinds of health issues (such as eczema, hot flushes, lice, cramps & heavy blood flow during menstruation, mononucleosis, flaky skin, acid reflux, energy levels, cholesterol, chronic fatigue, mental clarity, depression, inflammation, candida, asthma, autism, alzheimer, circulation and more), this amazing stuff offers even more!Hast Du Dich schon jemals gefragt, was Du mit diesem köstlichen Kokosöl, das seit Ewigkeiten in Deiner Küche herumsitzt, noch tun könntest?
Nun, abgesehen davon dass Kokosbutter oder Kokosöl eine großartige Ergänzung in Deiner Ernährung und ein ausgezeichneter Ersatz für Butter ist, abgesehen davon, dass Kokosöl bei allen möglichen Gesundheitsproblemen helfen kann (zb Ekzeme, Hitzewallungen, Läuse, Krämpfe und starke Monatsblutungen, Mononukleose, schuppige Haut, Aufstoßen, Energie, Cholesterin, chronische Müdigkeit, geistige Klarheit, Depression, Entzündungen, Candida, Asthma, Autismus, Alzheimer, Kreislauf und mehr), bietet dieser Tausendsassa noch viel mehr!