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Freebie: My Top 5 Smoothie Recipes

Have you ever done something that improved your wellbeing incredibly, within no time? * * Feel sensational, * skyrocket your mood, * supercharge your health * and get your glow on!   Grab my TOP 5 RECIPES from "Smooth & Juicy" FOR FREE!    

HiiT is the Shi.. – Why I love interval training!

My favorite exercise when I have little time is HiiT - High Intensity Interval Training.  Actually, it is my favorite way of exercise of all time. I have even done a session at waiting for boarding at an airport once!     WHY I LOVE HIIT WORKOUTS No gear: You can do it without any equipment, all you need is an interval timer which you can download onto your smart phone. Oh and water. If done right, you will be a puddle afterwards :) No time: The training is over and done with in 15-20 minutes, at that includes stretching afterwards! No BS: If you give it your all, as you always should, interval training is 3x more efficient than plain old jogging. No Skills:...

A Chakra Meditation: Balance your energy

This 20 minute meditation will leave you truly relaxed, balanced and refreshed. There are no prerequisites, required knowledge or skills, this meditation is for everyone. * Chakras are located along your spine and are centres through which your life force energy – also known as prana, chi, qi, ki – flows, giving you balance and wellbeing. If one or more chakras are blocked or closed, imbalance occurs, emotional or physical illnesses may develop. There are many ways to keep your chakras open and your energy flowing and meditation and visualisations like this one are your essential and most potent tools – ENJOY! * Wear light yet warm, loose clothing. Practise in a room that has a comfortable temperature and is semi-dark, private, quiet and closed,…