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How to make your own natural toothpaste!

Every year, new ads with newer, better, greater toothpastes pop up – but are they really that great? When you look a bit more closely and check out the small print on pretty much any toothpaste, you will read warnings like “Do not swallow” and “Keep out of reach of children” – that’s a bit…

Green tea is SO good for you – 16 benefits of green tea

Green tea has so many benefits that the ones listed below certainly do not cover everything.
But just to get an idea of how powerful these little leaves are, have a quick readGrüner Tee hat so viele Vorteile, dass die nachstehende Liste sicherlich nicht alles abdeckt.
Aber nur um eine Idee zu bekommen, wie mächtig diese kleinen Blätter sind, lies Dir das mal schnell durch: