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Recipe: Sweet Potato Juice

Sweet potatoes are originally from Central America - and in Peru, archaeologists discovered some from a time before the Incas. In the 1500s, when Shakespeare was around, they were regarded as an aphrodisiac and today they are so popular that the US state North Carolina made them their official vegetable in 1995. Sweet potatoes contain...

Beetred Liver Detox Elixir & Raw Borscht Soup

The juice presented here is a great detoxifier:   BEETROOT: Supports the liver in regeneration, helps clear fatty deposits from alcohol consumption and is used in prevention of cancer. Beets act anti-inflammatory and as antioxidants, they contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, provitamin A, vitamin C, small amount of B-complex vitamins and sulfur in betanin...

Strawberry Thickshake by Raw Food Coach Karen Knowler

Yippieh - Strawberries are coming back in season - delicious sweet, red goodness! When eaten fresh, they are rich in vitamin C, manganese, 11% fiber and polyphenol antioxidants, they support eye and skin health and improve blood sugar regulation. Strawberries can also act anti-inflammatory since they contain a combination of phytonutrients - such anthocyanins, ellagitannins, flavonols,...

Why juice instead of blending?

When it comes to the question of juicing vs blending, there are two parties – some are strictly for fresh juices and call smoothies fads, others love nothing more than a creamy smoothie and think little of juicing.
For many, the only difference between smoothies and juices is that a smoothie is creamy and a juice is a thin liquid, but whether there are any advantages or disadvantages in juices or smoothies often seems to be unclear.Beim Thema Saft oder Smoothie spalten sich die Geister – die einen sind strikt für frische Säfte und bezeichnen Smoothies als Modeerscheinung, die anderen lieben nichts mehr als einen cremigen Smoothie und halten wenig von Säften.
Für viele ist der einzige Unterschied zwischen Smoothie und Saft dass ein Smoothie cremig ist und ein Saft dünnflüssig, und ob es sonst noch Vor- oder Nachteile bei Säften bzw Smoothies gibt scheint oft unklar.