veggie juice

Recipe: Veggie Juice & Juice Pulp Crackers

Do you love juice? Are you maybe doing a juice cleanse? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions – what do YOU do with all the pulp?

For the longest time, I just threw all juice pulp out but then it occurred to me that I might More >

raw chocolate truffles

Recipe: Blissful Aphrodisia Truffles

Maca has an aphrodisiac effect on some, and so does chocolate!To intensify the effect, add 1 or 2 tsp of Ashwagandha powder and nutmeg or saffron and cardamon to the blend. Be warned and enjoy  

Ingredients:3/4 C raw cacao powder3/4 C cacao nibs ( add more if you wish)1/2 C cold More >

how not to kill

How to: make natural bug spray and mosquito repellant & what helps with itchy insect bites


Winter is gone – at least according to the calendar – Spring is here! Longer days, more sunshine, temperatures rising, flowers blooming and.. insects buzzing! 

Sure, I will always let bees do their job – but mosquitos (family: culicidae) and bugs are likely to turn me into a serial killer! My More >

sprouted dehydrated buckwheat-1

How to make buckwheaties

 Whether you have seen the term in a recipe or on a tiny bag in an organic store (for a ridiculous price), buckwheaties or “sprouted” granola seem to be everywhere these days. Or at least in my world  

What many do not know though is how easy and quick it More >

chakra meditation - cover

A Chakra Meditation: Balance your energy

This 20 minute meditation will leave you truly relaxed, balanced and refreshed.

There are no prerequisites, required knowledge or skills, this meditation is for everyone.


Chakras are located along your spine and are centres through which your life force energy – also known as prana, chi, qi, ki – flows, giving you More >

food inc

Movie: Food Inc.

Filmmaker Robert Kenner shows in his award-winning documentary Food, Inc. what’s really going on in the US food industry. The highly mechanized underbelly which the FDA and USDA (the US government’s regulatory agencies) consent to keep hidden from the American consumer is being exposed. The food supply in the United States these More >

sun doodle

8 Life hacks for an eco friendly lifestyle

For these tricks you do not need to be a crusty old-school hippie – give them a go! You most likely have all ingredients at home already


1. Use lemon as chemical-free deodorant. The citric acid kills odor-causing bacteria. Do not use on freshly shaved skin. It’ll burn. Better make More >

Almond Butter Chocolate Tarte -Rohtopia

Valentine’s Recipe: Almond Butter Chocolate Tartes

Do you still live in the belief that desserts cannot be healthy?

Get out of there, right now!

And instead, into the realm of deliciousness being good for you!

These little tartes all full of goodness but omit any nasties: They are gluten free, dairy free, do not contain any industrial white sugar, More >



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