An oval, green to black-skinned fruit roughly the size and shape of a pear. Avocados contain hard, green flesh around a single stone.


Avocados will ripen when left at room temperature and are ready to eat when they yield slightly to gentle pressure. The flesh will then have a buttery texture with a slightly nutty flavour which is neutral enough to keep the avocado versatile for both sweet and savoury dishes.

Avocados can be eaten alone, used in salads or as a spread, pureed for smoothies and even ice cream.

They can help with dysentery, high blood pressure and abdominal pains.

Rich in vitamins B3, C, E, K, Potassium (60% more than bananas), and mono-unsaturated fats. Just be aware that 2 Avocados provide 110% of the daily amount of fat recommended.


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